A public apology to Trae.
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Presented by Raging Retard on June 19, 1999 at 04:47:43
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I don't know where Trae got the impression that I didn't like him. I gave him props all the time. Just last week I sent him a basket of plastic fruit, but I guess it got lost in all the commotion. It's obvious from his hurtful comments and numerous.....dramatic pauses that Trae is heartbroken over his divorce from his true love, Xwrestling.com. I hope for Trae's sake that he finds a new love that won't break his heart this time. Maybe that new love will be the board he posts at now, the Bezerker, or perhaps it could even be a woman, as opposed to a pro-wrestling website.

After learning that Trae thought of Sickboy as a father figure, I felt guilty for re-focusing the screwing back to Trae when there was talk of double-crossing RR and Scotsman. Sick and Trae will never play cybercatch or go cyberfishing ever again because of my cruel games. I'm glad to hear they spent some quality time together before becoming estranged. Sick toughed out the awkwardness of the "birds and the bees" speech when he gave Trae an Adultcheck password. And did Sickboy dis-own his virtua son when Trae fell for the Sabu.com gag, and then bookmarked it? No, he still treated Trae like his own. It's a pity that of all things, this silly conspiracy is what drove a wedge between a loving father and his gay son. I'm sorry for my part in it. THE CONSPIRACY!!! I'm sorry for my part in the conspiracy! I had nothing to do with Sick and Trae's homoerotic relationship. But for the conspiracy, I'm sorry.

Sometimes at WU, the egos get out of control. What can you expect when we are considered the elite in the world of Pro-Rasslin posting in such an exclusive medium as the internet. If you have that on your resume, you won't need to go to college. I'm getting tired of all the agents trying to win me over with jewelry and sports cars. Frankly, I'm surprised that we're as humble as we are. It seems Sickboy is always the one accused of having an enormous ego. Even Vince McMahon has expressed an interest in bringing Sick's ego down a few notches. I ask you to imagine that you are Sickboy, the CEO of this establishment. You are sitting on piles of money made off the sweat of your volunteer posters, hot groupie chicks are following you everywhere, and your genital warts have stopped spreading. Of course you're going to think you're better than everyone else. Put yourself in his shoes when you get banned from IRC. Would you care what you had to say either? I didn't think so. Besides, not everyone at WU is an insensitive jerk. Kubiak is as harmless as a kitten.

Trae, I know all too well the anger and frustation you are feeling right now. If you, Perky and Cynic want to see Sickboy destroyed once and for all, well...

I knew this day would come. Many months ago, the Turdthrowers defeated and banished Sickboy from the net, which nearly crippled WU. If you join me, we will put a permanent end to his tyranny. This war won't last nearly as long as the previous one since you guys are obviously better than those other jackasses. I leave you to decide your fate...Nah, nevermind. I'm too lazy for wars these days. Go fight your own battles, you fairies.

No WU poster's feelings were hurt in the making of this post. Except maybe Kubiak's.
Raging Retard