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Presented by Scotsman on June 19, 1999 at 22:19:37
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WCW sucks. I've always thought so, and I probably always will. I hate a lot about WCW, but the thing I hate most is that there is just no excitement. Look at their major show, WCW Nitro. It is 3 hrs of...anything. It doesn't look like they plan it, it seems they just say: "Right, we got 15 minutes to cover...who should wrestle there?". WWF RAW is always jam-packed(which can be a bad thing...just look at the in-ring time), but Nitro just doesn't have that edge. To me, it is quite simply: boring.

But out of all the bad things I've seen in WCW, there is one thing at the moment that I really like. Their attitude.

This is a whole new WCW we're watching. This g-rated nonsense they keep talking about is going out the window faster than a Dr Perky joke. We're watching a whole new WCW, with hot women, breaking kayfabe, buckets of shit...its all there. From what it seems, its all thanks to one man, Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff is the one that first brought WCW to ruins. Forget all the signings, forget the nWo, forget anything good Bischoff ever did. The main thing he did, and the major thing, is letting the ego's get their way backstage. Ever since then, things have been hell. People are refusing to job, people are saying "I want this, I want that". Look at Konnan and Scott Steiner. Bischoff has been promising to make them tone their interviews down for awhile, yet they never do. Why? Because they know Bischoff won't do anything. Fuck wrestlers no-showed events all the time. Yet they're never reprimanded. To my knowledge the last two people to no-show/use their ego in the WWF were Scorpio, and Sable. Both of them were kicked out the door. Vince took control, he showed them that no-one is bigger than the company. Bischoff is too scared to do that.

Bischoff said on Nitro a few weeks back that he has made some mistakes. Thats obvious. What's not so obvious is what he's doing. He has been preaching about this G-rated crap for awhile, but no-one seems to be listening to him, especially not the wrestlers. So he's doing the old 'can't beat em, join em' campaign. He's getting more controversial, he's breaking kayfabe, and he's letting anyone do whatever they want. He has nothing to lose.

If this turns bad for WCW and they plummet, he can say: 'Hey I let them have their control. They wanted to do what the WWF are doing. I always said that was wrong. They screwed up, not me.'

If it ends out good...'hey I came up with this ya know! Credit me! I'm the best! I told ya I'd beat ya Vince!'

Some examples of WCW's new attitude are:

  • Bischoff picking on Scotty Rigg's gimmick, and how it's old, and has been done years ago. A sign of breaking kayfabe. When was the last time you heard the word gimmick on WCW TV?
  • Attacking the WWF, and giving away who the higher power is. They want a war. They're saying to the WWF "Hey ya know, you guys did good. Now we're going to do better." They are trying to take it to a whole new level. They're trying to get the WWF to acknowledge them. Jim Ross is the most-heard voice on WWF TV, so they figure if they badmouth him, he'll acknowledge them. The WWF pulled these same tactics a few years ago. Six - ten months after that, they were winning the ratings war again.
  • Sable/Rena Mero. Just classic. It was daring, it was dangerous, it was controversial, it was unexpected. Sum's WCW's new attitude up.
  • The language. We're hearing things like ass more on WCW TV. I know TSN bleeped it out...not sure if TNT did....but it's still present. And take a look at the Steiner's interview on that PPV last week. Saying the word shit and so on. You never heard any "they will be reprimanded" posts this time did you?

These are just a few examples. I could mention the T & A, but thats an obvious one. They're also changing the celebrities they're hiring. Back in comes Bad boy Dennis Rodman, and Master P. Rappers always have a bad rap(no pun intended), and WCW figure the fans will tune in to see these badasses at work. Its along the same lines the WWF hired Tyson. Not for his performance, but because of his reputation.

WCW's actions the past month are extremley similar to the WWF's before they took over the ratings war. And the thing about this new attitude, is that I, one of the biggest WWF marks ever,, actually like it. WCW aren't stale, old family viewing anymore. They're living on the edge. Right now, they have the attitude, and they have the wrestling. They're also getting the big names in. The problem they have is where they're going to get the viewers.

WWF never stole viewers from WCW. They stole maybe a million at most. The rest, were new fans. The ones who could watch wrestling without being ashamed, because now it's cool. Its T & A, its vulgar, its disgusting, its cool! WCW are trying the celeb routine, but its been done before. This won't bring in many fans at all. They have to find out where the hell they're going to get the fans to get the ratings that they so desparately need.

And I don't think they'll find an answer to that.

Wish I could just post a few jokes from a website and call it a post