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Presented by AirBomb on June 20, 1999 at 00:13:54
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Hello > Handshake > Greetings. . .

New Wrestling Uncensored? Hardly. I see the same shit on this board I've seen in the past. Perhaps, I'm part of that shit, perhaps not.

Lets talk wrestling, and lets talk a lot of it.

First, Shane Douglas.
Disappointed is about all I can muster up for that guy. He had a chance to show off his interview and wrestling skills. That being a return to ECW or a jump back to the WWF. Now he is signed and almost delivered to WCW (Nitro this Monday). I think if Shane wasn't going for the money, we would see him in the WWF right now. Anyone can see that the WWF has better storylines and knows how to handle new acquisitions (Beep, Beep, backing the Air-Mobile up to Jericho!). WCW flopped big time with Sid. Sid is an unbelievable talent. The guy can get massive crowd heat with absolutely NO PUSH. His look alone sells. Believe me. I was at a WWF house show about 4 or 5 years ago in Springfield, MA....We did not know Sid had returned to the WWF (the internet was just becoming popular) and he came down to wrestle instead of the injured Razor Ramon. The crowd was not only shocked but we all started chanting, "SID, SID, SID". It was nuts. He was getting more crowd heat than half the established wrestlers were. He just looked at the crowd and began yelling "Who is the man! Who is the master..." and we reacted. Some wrestlers have that look and charisma that doesn't need a storyline, Sid is one of those. WCW could have done far better, and executed the storyline deeper. Why not have Sid attack Kevin Nash. Giving ONE powerbomb (thats an attack?) to Nash does not sit well with me in ending a PPV. We should have seen 4 or 5 powerbombs and maybe a little help from a chair or a table. For the love of god, In ECW Sid put Sabu through a table and then went on to desamate (sp?) 3 other jobbers. That was intense; that was an attack. Bringing me back to my opening sentence. I'm disappointed in Douglas from a wrestling fan's perspective. I enjoy Shane in the ring and his "shoot" interviews. In WCW, I'm weary that we won't be seeing that. Maybe I'll be proven wrong, but most likely I'll be right. From a business perspective, Shane did the right thing. He got dinero, and he is set. Shane is as we know, getting past his wrestling days (injuries, etc.). He's young for a wrestler (these days), but has got little left in him. We'll see where he takes it. Shane isn't a stupid guy.

Another thing I would like to hit on is Debra. (no pun intended...believe me)
Debra is not as hot as the millions of chanting fans perceive her to be. She is however the only woman in the WWF we can cheer for. She is the only one the WWF serves to us. Have you guys seen her face? She looks old. I never liked Sable's face either. Debra is loosing hair. The WWF lost Sable (and then she somehow gets front row seats to Nitro...go figure) so we should get an actual babe, who can deliver in all departments. Not just T&A, but the face...the attitude. Tell me Trish Stratus doesn't have that? The girl would blow away every mother fucking woman in wrestling today. Take all the Nitro girls, take Debra's puppies, take Sunny's exterior...and put em' together. Stratus has it all. I mean, she even has a marketable name with Trish. It sounds like a porn star. Edward Priwer over at informed me that she has now opened her OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Its beautifully done, with a great gallery. I highly suggest you check it out. Me saying this only wettens your appetites for her, and the chances she'll be in the WWF are slim. It seems as the weeks go by, the less we hear of her. Jim Ross had a meeting with her...and that ended up where? JR...good ole' JR, tell us, inform us. Make our lives better.


If the WWF is going to serve us women without them wrestling AKA Debra, give us something good to look at. Debra has great 'puppies'...but Trish has it all. [sidenote, I heard somewhere that Debra is going to show her puppies at an autograph signing in New York...Yeah Right! She'll probably come in with two german shephards, don't believe that shit]

I'm just about done.

Gunz. (I know, I know...) Trae Gunz was a good kid, I know it, and many (if not all) here at the WU staff know it. I hope he lands where ever he falls because Gunz respected a lot of us here and from a personal standpoint, he is a guy with a good perspective on wrestling and life in general. Keep all that up.

And that does it.

Bye > Godspeed > Fare-thee-well

"Fade" by Robert Cormier...?