I didn't know it was so easy to become WWF IC Champion!!!
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Presented by RR on June 20, 1999 at 15:05:32
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So, I'm watching Stern last night and aside from Stone Cold, they have this guy come in who claims to be an indie wrestler. I remember hearing the interview on the radio. I forget what his name is and what organization he said he wrestled for. I think it was NCW or something. Anyway, the reason he was on is because he's got a wife AND a girlfriend who know about each other and are okay with it. Incidentally, both had some of the saggiest breasts I've ever seen. I guess he likes that.

Anyway, I was smelling fraud all over the place. For one thing, the whole story about the wife and girlfriend makes little sense. The wife says that since he's on the road all the time, she knows he'll bump into groupies and stuff, so she might as well know who they are instead of keeping it a secret. WTF? And since when do indy wrestlers go on the road?

Also, the guy was a scrawny wimp. Picture Marc Mero with anorexia and you've got this guy. And, he was holding a title belt. Except, it looked suspiciously like the WWF IC title belt. Now, I've seen a few indy belts and they all seem to look like leather straps with a sardine can stapled on. This thing was the same size and had the exact same design as the old style IC belt (not the new purple one).

Then, I got to thinking about how when Austin threw the IC belt in the river, some loser actually went looking for it. You think it's this guy?

scrawny fan + abandoned WWF IC title belt= Scrawny wimp with a WWF IC title belt trying to get on Stern by making up some story

Anyway, I'm just a little confused by it and I want ANSWERS, damn it!

On a related note, I also saw Goldberg on Dennis Miller (No, I'm not turning into Joe De Leon . . . I actually watch these shows when wrestlers are not on).

Now, I'll stick to what I said a while ago. Goldberg ain't a bad guy. He sucks as a wrestler, but outside the ring, he's pretty cool. Hell, I'd even let him hang with me if he asked.

But, I can't think of a worse representative for pro wrestling. Not because he doesn't have the experience and his push out of nowhere is entirely untypical.

But because he just doesn't seem to like wrestling all that much.

Every interview, he's always talking about how great the NFL was and how much it sucks that he got injured. Then, he says that the athletecism in the WCW locker room is ALMOST at the level of the NFL (it comes off as if he's just trying to be polite . . . then again, he's talking about the WCW locker room). He just doesn't seem to think wrestling is "cool" and regrets the football injury more and more daily.

Then again, that attitude may be exactly why I think he's so cool.

Oh well. At least I got a post out of it, eh?

In a related story, Stephen King got hit by a bus. That sucks.

I got a friend who got hit by a UPS truck . . . think she'll loan me a couple mil after the lawsuit?