Here's a woman's post for ya', Scots!
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Presented by The Shooter on June 20, 1999 at 17:08:06
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OK, OK, calm down everyone. There's no picture of her.

This is a post by a chick named Erin. She is evidently the biggest HCW fan out there, because she was the only person who had the original post for me when I offered this one-time-only chance to post at WU as the prize in my HCW contest. The contest basically was, I needed the original HCW post, and I needed someone else to find it for me. To some people, the chance to post here even once must be pretty powerful motivation, because I also received every other HCW post I ever did. I appreciate all the help of those others, and it was a help, but Erin was the only person who came through in the clutch, as as such, she gets the big prize. To the 2nd and 3rd place winners, your $500 and $250 checks are in the mail. Sorry guys. Maybe next time, you'll be as lucky as Erin.

I originally intended to double cross her and make fun of her post, but it seems as if she actually has something to say, and as rare as that is nowadays, it seemed a shame to waste a valuable resource. Well, I didn't really read it THAT closely, but it seemed pretty coherent at a glance.

Plus....Scots seems so pitifully horny for a chick to sexually harrass here at the board, and I owe him, so....

So, if you guys want a chick, and you think this one is any good, by all means, hire her. Her or not, I'm all in favor of hiring a babe here at WU. I enjoy conversing with women. Just make sure it's not one that's too sensitive. Because I intend to make sure any woman that works HERE is appropriately resistant to being offended.

Then that woman will owe me BIG. And, like Vince, when women owe ME, I generally collect.



So here I am...posting at Wrestling Uncensored. I have the chance of a
lifetime (as Sickboy would want us all to believe). I have the chance to
rant and rave at a fairly large number of people. And they will all
probably read this post, more out of morbid curiousity than anything

It took me a long time to come up with a subject for this post. I
thought about ranting about WCW and that self serving, egotistical, soul
selling piece of shit Bischoff. But than I remembered that everybody
talks about that. I wanted a topic that very few have dared to touch.
More out of respect to her late husband, than anything else. Well I am
doing this post because I respect Owen and don't think that his death
should come as a way for Bret to get his revenge on Vince. What am I
talking about? Well it would have to be that supercillious bitch and her
supercillious brother-in-law, Martha and Bret Hart and the lawsuit.

Yeah that lawsuit. The 100+ page lawsuit against 13 defendants for
wrongful death. A monetary value has not been named yet, but suffice to
say it will probably be in the hundreds of millions if not billions.
Yep, that is what Owen's death means to Martha and Bret. A way for Bret
to get revenge on Vince for the Montreal incident, which he still rants
about everyday of his stinking, miserable life. And a way for Martha to
get hords of money, which will cheapen her husbands' death. But that's
okay isn't it. I mean she is a grieving widow right? She just lost her
sole source of income, so she needs all that money and she needs someone
to lash out at. Bullshit.

What is preventing Martha from having a job? It's not like there aren't
enough family members around to help her raise her children. Plenty of
single moms do that in this day and age. What makes Martha any
different? Sure she just moved into a brand new house, but she hasn't
even said if Vince is continuing to pay Owen's contract. Chances are, he
is and she just doesn't want to say anything about it. Can't make Vince
look like a good person, oh no. She still needs him to lash out at in
her grief. Bullshit again.

My mother has lost her husband, my father. I know other women who have
lost their husbands and other loved ones, in accidents, in sickness and
yes, in work related accidents. They never lashed out anyone, least of
all the company their relatives and loved ones worked for. It's stupid
to excuse Martha's behavior because she is a grieving widow. Why does
she feel the need to lash out? Why is it okay for her to lash out, but
if someone else did it, it would be looked at as inexcusable? Because
her husband died on PPV of a major wrestling company? Because he died
doing what he loved? Oh wait, if you talk to Martha, he hated doing that
stunt and the Blue Blazer gimmick. But from what the wrestlers, his
friends say, he loved wrestling and didn't mind the Blue Blazer gimmick.
He had done the stunt before, so who was to say that it wouldn't be safe
this time? Martha is just trying to make Vince look evil, so she can get
more money. She is a money grubbing whore, and I seem to be the only one
who has the guts to say it.

Bret is even worse, he is only involved in this lawsuit, so that he can
finally extract his revenge on Vince for the Montreal incident. Bret is
delusional, he is so far gone that he blames Vince for everything bad
that has happened since he left the WWF. He can't seem to accept the he
is to blame for his own actions and no one else. Bret is totally off his
rocker, and with Martha there to back up his claims, he is going even
farther over the edge.

And let me throw in this last little bone, which I believe one of the
posters here at WU, I don't remember who and for that I apologize. Bret
just got divorced right? And now Martha is just recently single again.
They are seen EVERYWHERE and I mean EVERYWHERE. Put two and two
together...and well do I need to draw you a picture? Put your hand down,
I can't see you! Anyways just thought I would throw that out and see
what response I get from that.

Anyways there is what I have to say about that, and I seem to be one of
the few people who have the guts to say it. I did it because I respect
Owen and I wish that his death wasn't being soiled by this meaningless
lawsuit. It's stupid to sue over accidental death. Owen's death was a
tragic accident, nothing more and nothing less. I look forward to some
comments, good, bad but please be intelligent. Send them over to I hope you all enjoyed reading this post as much
as I enjoyed writing it. And thanks to the Shooter, for giving me this
opportunity. YOU RAWK MAN!!!

This has been,
"I have crippled more people than polio."