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Presented by Scotsman on June 20, 1999 at 19:06:05
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Today I watched the joy that was WCW Nitro. I'd like to personally thank Eric Bischoff for hiring Master P. Seeing him attempting to get cheers 20 times in a row, and failing miserably, was probably the funniest thing I've ever seen on TV. Don't waste your money with Adam Sandler's new movie kids, not when we have Master P out there with his stand-up routine. I thought he was going to cry at one point.

And whats the deal with his No Limit Soldiers? Bunch of fucking pussies. One of them backed away from La Parka. La Fucking Parka!

Oh yeah, that tag team match was pretty good when Konnan was in there. Rey Misterio Jr and Pscisosis starting off was the worst acting I've seen since Eric Bischoff attempted to imitate Dusty Rhodes. The moves were so choreographed it was awful. At one point they were walking, then Rey would fall, then Psicosis and Rey would look at each other as if to say "WTF?". Then Psicosis would bounce off the ropes, and he'd hit a legdrop, and the silent announcers would say "WOW!"

Bischoff certainly showed Jim Ross how to call moves though. He really burnt him one. I loved how he called a spinning headscissors "WOW!", then a flying headscissor "Incredible", and finally a twisting flying double spinning huracarana was known as "...and Nash has his work cut out for him tonight."

I felt sorry for Dusty Rhodes though. Bischoff says this is mixing "Hip-hop, and kick butt". He realized quickly that this was the worst joke since WU hired The Shooter, and did a Dusty Rhodes impression and stated "thats what Dusty would've said."

In related note, I'm so gay I fucked a horse last night...or at least thats what Sickboy would've said at this time in his post.

Poor Shooter doesn't understand how to capitalize. Its:


Oh...and it was updated today, as it is everyday, so why don't you toddle along right now? It opens in a new window, and you can bookmark it and everything. Then you can go there everyday and be filled in by your hook-up.

Hey look, do you want me to give you 10 reasons to go there? I mean I will if you fucking want. Are you daring me? Huh? huh? Yeah I thought you'd back down. Pussy.

Update on the Women Try-outs:

They're going well. We've had about 20 - 40 applicants, and I'm giving it till tomorrow night to decide. I still haven't cleared this with Sickboy.

And yes, I have came up with the thought that this "chick" could be a guy in disguise. I figure if you never noticed that Trae Gunz was white, you won't notice this is a guy. Unless she starts talking about her testicle infection.

[Note to whichever female gets hired: Talk about your testicle infection in your first post. I've set the joke up, now you have to deliver the punchline.]

I got a lot of compliments from my WCW Attitude post. The main reason I got compliments was because it was an in-depth wrestling-related post, rather than the usual shit we post. At this point I'd like to remind Sickboy that the employee of the month award will be coming out soon.

To add something else to this post, I'll go on a quick IRC recruiting mission before HeAt. Oh RR, sorry man, I know you wanted to do this with me, but you aren't here. So fuck you.


[LoverOfJoy] heya scotsman
[Mr`Scotsman] Hey LoverOfJoy...so uh..is that a posting URL in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
[Mother] ya.. it's fun... and I like doing new things... soo it works
*** LoverOfJoy (ident@Star8602.saturn.bbn.com) has left #flirting
[Mr`Scotsman] I guess he was shy.
[Mr`Scotsman] So uh...anyone up for some flirting?
[Mr`Scotsman] *wink*
[WiNk] Mr`Scotsman: How bout I just /kill you now?
[Mr`Scotsman] Oooohhh...you like to play dirty. I like that.
* Mr`Scotsman gets out the whip
[Mr`Scotsman] I tell ya what, you try and pick me up, and I'll hire you. Sound like a deal?
[Mr`Scotsman] Oh man playing hard to get eh?
[Mr`Scotsman] So wanna go back to my place Mother?
[Mr`Scotsman] Are you guys all shy or something?
[Mr`Scotsman] Look, if you don't start picking me up soon, I'm going to take off my clothes.
[Mr`Scotsman] You guys are luckily that Heat is on, otherwise I'd lay the smack down on your candy asses.

At which point I left.

BTW, if you live in Toronto and know of any bars that carry WWF PPV, e-mail Bluedog315@aol.com

Quick video game update(I know you all love these) before I leave. I bought Syphon Filter and Tomb Raider 1(Hey I had the extra cash and it was only $14!).

Start making me more logos please!