Follow up on the jabroni with the IC belt
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Presented by Sickboy on June 21, 1999 at 12:12:39
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I just got this e-mail from Brian Holt ...

I have in my possession the WWF Intercontinental Title belt.

The old one. Hell,even RR could buy one....if he could afford it! You can get all the wrestling titles at

His name is Jim Marshall,and he makes belts for WCW,WWF and ECW. Hell....who am i kidding...he makes belts for ALL the wrestling organizations in the whole fucking world!!!!

The prices range from anywhere between $250.00 dollars to $3,500 dollars. It depend on the size and leather thickness of the belt,and of it will be amde with Gold or Silver.

The guy on Howard Stern is so fucking full of shit id be surprised if he didnt have it coming out his eye sockets. Howard shouldve thrown that guy off the set,and brought in some nekkid ladies to flash their tits.Yeah....that would be better than some wannabe wrestler with a valet that needs liposuction.

Anyways...take my info for what its worth,and keep up the good job at WU!!!


Brian Holt

End of discussion.

Fritz still scares me --> Sick