Fuck Big Gay Al
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Presented by Gonchar on June 22, 1999 at 12:39:50
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Go to the current news on Scoops. Notice the third sentence. Way to rip off my jokes! Gee, maybe I could get a gig writing material for this guy. Perhaps its a coincidence, but I posted my shit at 2:15 this morning, I doubt Al is up then plugging away...at his web site that is. I'm sure he's plugging away at something, just not his site, at that time.

Sorry to give such a useless post. People rip off my stuff all the time. In fact I've seen portions of my posts copied word for word and not even mentioned it, but this is Big Gay Al, the unfunny comedian. If he uses my joke, then my only assumption can be that the joke in question must have sucked.

The true innovator of online sports entertainment...bitch!